Ekhiñe Domínguez

Do you hear me? (I)

55 EUR
Project exhibited at Hutspot Eindhoven during Dutch Design Week 2017.
The experimental typeface 49 uses the same shape for every letter of the alphabet, consisting of 49 modules. The use of color is crucial for differentiating each character and reflecting on form, counter form and the tensions between them. The posters further contemplate the expanding quality of the characters, as well as the typeface’s potential for subliminal messaging. Do you hear me? (I) sends you a musical message.
Riso printed at Hato Press in Blue, Green and Fluorescent Pink, using Munken Lynx 240gsm paper
Size: 297 x 420mm (Din A3)
Limited edition of 10
Hand signed and numbered in the back bottom right corner
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